Jupiter and Venus Conjunction


Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, 30th June 2015Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, taken 30th June 2015

Jupiter and Venus Conjunction Towards the end of June, the two brightest planets in the night sky are converging to create a spectacular conjunction. Jupiter will shine at a bright magnitude of -1.39 and Venus at a dazzling -4.11. To see this spectacle, you’ll need to wait until after sunset and look in a Westerly direction. If the horizon is clear, you will not miss them. They are spectacularly bright and many will presume they are planes coming in to land. The planets will reach their closest on the night of Tuesday 30th June where they will appear less than a 3rd of a degree apart. This means you could hide them both behind your thumb at arms length!

See illustrations below of the event on three given nights this June…

Jupiter and Venus, 25th June, Looking West @ 10pm

Jupiter and Venus 25th May

Jupiter and Venus, 28th June, Looking West @ 10pm

Jupiter and Venus 28th May

Jupiter and Venus, 30th June, Looking West @ 10pm

Jupiter and Venus 30th May