Detailed Totality Maps


Note: This eclipse occurred last year (2015)

See below for detailed maps of the totality line. Special thanks go out to Michael Zeiler for providing these maps.

Faroe Islands

Detailed map of totality through the Faroe islands
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The above map illustrates that if length of totality is important to an observer, the best areas in the Faroe Islands to witness the total solar eclipse are in the Northern regions. Here totality will last up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds whereas the far Southern islands will only receive 1 minute. The towns of Vestmanna and Sørvágur will boast the best populated areas in the islands for the event.


Detailed map of totality through Svalbard
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Svalbard receives similar lengths of totality as the Faroe Islands however times vary quite considerably depending on your location here. The above map illustrates best. Barentsburg gets the longest duration of totality in this region. Notice that the airport near Longyearbyen is not far behind too!