The Total Solar Eclipse from Bridgwater

From Bridgwater, the eclipse will not reach total phase but will be visible as a partial solar eclipse. Below are the times of the event

Partial Eclipse Begins: 08:22 GMT
Maximum Eclipse: 09:28 GMT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 10:37 GMT

Below is an illustration of maximum eclipse from Bridgwater

Bridgwater Solar Eclipse 2015

It goes without saying, the eclipse can be viewed from anywhere within Somerset (weather permitting!). When the eclipse begins, the sun will be around 18 degrees above the horizon so try to find a location with a reasonably un-obstructed view to the South-East. At maximum eclipse, the sun will be 26 degrees above the horizon so as long as there are no close-by trees or large buildings directly South East of your location, you should get a fine view.

The eclipse will never reach total phase in Bridgwater, so please ensure you do not look at the sun directly unless wearing approved eclipse viewing shades. Also see the viewing the eclipse page for more safe eclipse viewing methods.

To see some astro-photography taken from Bridgwater, visit here –